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Land of Saints

Three friends.
Four cultures.
One California sun.

Land of Saints is a collaboration between Angela and Jason Osborne (A Tribute to Grace Wine Company) and Manuel Cuevas (C2 Cellars). We met during the 2013 vintage and have been discussing sunshine, moon signs and our Kiwi/Cornish/Mexican-American roots ever since. We stem from three beautifully different corners of the globe, united by our love of California and the vinous expressions of Santa Barbara County.

Cornwall, England

Central Coast, California

Auckland, New Zealand

From Cornwall (also known as the Land of Saints) to California (with her myriad of Sans and Santas), via New Zealand. These wines symbolize our cultures and the wines that give our sense of place.

The LOS Story
“A little bit about the name Land of Saints – I hail from the county of Cornwall in Southwest England which has a rich and ancient history. Around 410AD the country entered a period known as the ‘age of the saints’ as holy people came and lived in this stunningly beautiful county.

In the following centuries over 70 of them left their name as a legacy to the land, as a result, Cornwall became affectionately known as the ‘Land of Saints’. I’ve always loved the name and on a more holistic view, I like the idea of a land filled with Saints… it would make for quite a place! After moving to California, I found a new Land of Saints (we counted 33 Sans and Santas). Golden, with open skies, and a friendship that will last a lifetime.”

– Jason Osborne, Land of Saints Wine Company

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