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  • Schwartzhog Kräuter Likör 50ml

    Schwartzhog Kräuter Likör 50ml

    Schwartzhog Krauter Liqueur 50mL mini is an authentic herbal liqueur in a glass bottle from Germany (the original Jagermeister) that contains Wormwood, Buckbean and select herbs, roots & fruits of the forest. Enjoy it...

  • Scheibel Heidelbeere 350ml

    Scheibel Heidelbeere 350ml

    Blueberry Liquer The fruits for this liqueur are harvested in Scandinavia. The basis is a blend of wild and cultivated blueberries, rounded off with a wild blueberry brandy.    

  • Advocaat - egg liqueur

    By the Dutch Advocaat 20%

    Advocaat became popular in the USA and UK in the late 1940s and early 1950s, reaching its peak of popularity in the seventies. “By the Dutch’’ Advocaat distinguishes itself by a higher alcohol content...

  • Altavilla Licor de Cafe 700ml

    Altavilla Licor de Cafe 700ml

    Coffee liquor. Based on a distillate of pomace brandy with natural coffee, 100% natural chocolate, orange peel, vanilla bean and brown sugar. The different components are macerated together with the pomace for one week...

  • Eclisse Liquirizia 500ml

    Eclisse Liquirizia 500ml

    “An ancient Italian tradition” This liqueur, taken straight from Nature, is made from liquorice root extract which grows in Calabria, and held by connoisseurs to be the best in the world. The masterly use of age...

  • Patxaran Sloe Berry Liqueur 1 litre

    Patxaran Sloe Berry Liqueur 1 litre

    Patxaran is made by soaking sloe berries, collected from the blackthorn shrub, along with a few coffee beans and a vanilla pod in anisette. The process produces a light sweet reddish-brown liquid around 25-30% in alcohol...

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