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  • Pheasant's Tears Chinuri (Skins) 2017

    Pheasant's Tears Chinuri (Skins) 2017

    This is the same grapes as for the Chinuri no skin version but is aged one month on both skins and stems (20-30% added back). The result is a slightly cloudy pale amber gold colour like a very pale honey. Maceration on skins...

  • Pheasant's Tears Kisi Khikhvi 2017

    Pheasant's Tears Kisi Khikhvi 2017

    Kisi: from eastern Georgia, in Kakheti, is a low yielding aromatic variety with very distinctive exotic floral aromas. Both qvevri and European style wines are very perfumed and floral. Delicious with aromatic foods. The...

  • Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri 2017

    Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri 2017

    The Tavkveri is from Kartli, in central Georgia, the same vineyard as Chinuri. It is similar to Cabernet Franc as a red wine; at least the French often say it reminds them of this! It was a varietal favoured at the royal...

  • Pheasant's Tears Tsitska 2017

    Pheasant's Tears Tsitska 2017

    Thought to be one of the oldest grape varieties in Western Georgia. It is a late ripening grape that can often be quite spicy, richly textured and full of honey aromas. Give high acidity wines that are excellent for...

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