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  • Altavilla Licor Cafe 700ml

    Altavilla Licor Cafe 700ml

    Coffee liquor. Based on a distillate of pomace brandy with natural coffee, 100% natural chocolate, orange peel, vanilla bean and brown sugar. The different components are macerated together with the pomace for one week...

  • Altavilla Licor Hierbas 700ml

    Altavilla Licor Hierbas 700ml

    Altavilla herbal liqueur Origin: Navarra Producer: Destilerias La Navarra S.A. Category: digestive liquor Characteristics: Distilled marc spirit infused with herbs, including chamomile, mint, star anise, coriander,...

  • Patxarana Etxeko 1 Litre

    Patxarana Etxeko 1 Litre

    Patxaran is made by soaking sloe berries, collected from the blackthorn shrub, along with a few coffee beans and a vanilla pod in anisette. The process produces a light sweet reddish-brown liquid around 25-30% in alcohol...

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