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Champagne Marguet Père et Fils

Champagne Marguet is a Grand Cru house located in the villages of Bouzy, Ambonnay and Mailly.

The Bonnerave family have owned vineyards in Champagne since 1870 and in 1905 the first bottle of their Champagne was sold from their cellars. Today Benoit, the fifth generation, still faithfully and passionately continues to follow his family's tradition of excellence at Marguet Pere et Fils.

Their vineyards are all on the Côtes des Grands Noirs - the slopes of the great black grapes - on the Mountain of Reims. Marguet-Bonnerave grape's, all classified as 100% Grand Cru, come from three of the finest vineyard regions in Ambonnay, Bouzy and Mailly-Champagne.

Traditional methods and modern techniques are being applied not only in the winery but also in the vineyard. Today an eco-balanced approach, ‘la lutte raisonnée’ , controls disease and pests with the minimum of interference by artificial means, this helps protect the integrity not only of the vines but also their overall environment.

Located in Ambonnay, a famous Village of the Montagne de Reims, the Marguet-Bonnerave House became Champagne MARGUET Father & Sons in 2005. MARGUET Champagne started about 1875, thanks to Emile MARGUET, who since 1883 has tended his best vineyards of the Cote des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims. 
The Champagne Bonnerave Frères was founded in 1905 by the great-great-grandfather of Benoit Marguet-Bonnerave, also the year when the first champagne was sold.

The grape supply comes primarly from Premier Cru and Grand Cru villages.
The vines of the Marguet-Bonnerave family (villages of Ambonnay, Bouzy and Mailly) and of the Launois-Pertois family (villages of Mesnil sur Oger, Oger and Cramant) all offer splendid Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

After that there is the  partnership with friends who are known to be very careful vine growers, this makes it possible to benefit from other grapes coming from villages highly esteemed such as Verzy, Mareuil sur Ay, Cumières, Rilly la Montagne,... 
Each of these brings an extra complexity to the assemblage.
Benoit MARGUET has been interested for a long time in natural or organic vine growing.
This is not only a personal passion but also enhances the natural balance of the soil and because the vines grow better in this environment it gives better flavour in the grapes!
The vine growers who respect to the maximum the soil and its environment, are our privileged partners. 

In the cellars, on-going study and constant research guide our House. It is imperative, and an obligation to obtain Champagne wines of intense finesse and with the best aromatic balance.

The winemaking comes from tanks and small barrels of oaks. Each element has its own importance: the wine is worked if possible according to the lunar cycle. Frequent tasting makes it possible to envision the future cuvees, and to get ready if needed: racking, batonnages and other traditional techniques.
The wines then make their prise de mousse in bottle, and will rest in deep cellars for a period of from two to five years.
Each cuvee is a creation, each one with its own style. There is no real hierarchy between them, simply varied qualities, to be appreciated according to the moment and the seasons’.
We wish you many good times... and as much pleasure in drinking our Champagnes, as we had in making them.

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