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Millaman, Hacienda el Condor, Curicó Valley

José Canepa, an Italian immigrant, purchased Hacienda El Condor estate in 1946 starting the dream of producing the best wines of Curicó Valley. In 1998 the desire to expand and perpetuate the wine tradition through his three daughters led to the creation of a new winery based on the Hacienda, giving rise to Millaman Wines. The centennial winery walls were restored and a new state-of-the-art winery was built within them. With this change, a new stage began; the family tradition was combined with a renewed spirit which expresses the best characteristics of New World wines: bursts of fruit aromas, rich flavours and vibrant sensations.

The name Millaman comes from the language of the Mapuche indigenous communities in Chile and means 'Golden Condor'. The Condor, a symbol of Chile and the Andes Mountains, reflects the bond that exists among our wines and their origin. Our estates were benefited with rich soils and our people work with special dedication the land. This combination makes possible to produce high quality and consistent wines that are able to delight the most demanding palates in the world.

In addition to producing a wide range of international varietal wines, Millaman is one of the few Chilean wineries also growing Malbec (our vineyard dates back to 1934) and Zinfandel. Our winemaking team brings to life four ranges of great quality wines: Condor, Estate Reserve, Limited Reserve and Casa Millaman. Most of the wines are produced with our own grapes coming from the different family owned estates located in Curicó, Maipo and Maule Valleys. This enables us to execute a careful quality management, from the vineyards until the bottling process, thus delivering high quality and consistent wines throughout our different product lines. We have put special care in the development of our higher ranges, wines of distinctive origin that exhibit great character, hoping to delight wine lovers. Cheers!

  • Millaman Reserva Zinfandel 2018

    Millaman Reserva Zinfandel 2018

    Producer:  Hacienda El Condor. Blend:   100%Zinfandel. Origin: Isla de Maipo. VINEYARD The vineyard is planted on soils of alluvial origin with good water infiltration and optimal conditions for the development...

  • Millaman Paya Malbec 2017

    Millaman Paya Malbec 2017

    Producer:  Hacienda El Condor. Blend:  100% Malbec. Origin:  Curicó Valley. VINEYARD Vineyard located in Sagrada Familia, Latitud35°1´5.38” South, Longitude 71°26´2.60”...

  • Millaman Paya Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

    Millaman Paya Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

    Producer: Hacienda El CondorBlend: 100% Cabernet SauvignonOrigin: Curicó Valley VINEYARDVineyard located in San Jorge Los Niches, Latitude35°6'7.37"South, Longitude71°6'35.02 West. Soil of coluvial origin...

  • Millaman Condor Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

    Millaman Condor Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

    Producer: Hacienda El Condor.Blend:   85%Cabernet Sauvignon, remainder merlot, malbec and carmenereOrigin: Central Valley. VINEYARD Caperana and San Jorge Vineyards,  standard planted vines; drip and flood...

  • Millaman Reserva Carmenere 2019

    Millaman Reserva Carmenere 2019

    MILLAMAN LIMITED RESERVE CARMENERE 2019 Producer : Hacienda El Cóndor S.A. Blend Composition : 100% Carmenere Origin : Valle de Maule Vineyard Notes: The terroir of the vineyard produces a wine with dense colour...

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