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Belasco de Baquedano, Mendoza

Belasco de Baquedano is located in Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo Mendoza, Argentina - in the heart of one of the best Malbec regions in the world.

The Wines - Exclusively Malbec
Malbec is the characteristic variety of Lujan de Cuyo, standing out for its deep purplish ruby color, its expansive red-fruit bouquet, and its intense yet docile and fleshy taste plus filling, silky palate.

Our Argentine Malbec wines are unfiltered and unstabilized in the traditional artisan style to preserve subtle aromas and flavours, while promoting richness, body and colour.

Wines are gravity driven table to tank, using délestage (submerged cap) tanks in fermenting red wine with skins and seeds for excellent fruit, soft tannins and deep colour.

Bottles are stored temperature- and humidity-controlled.

The Region - Luján de Cuyo

Within Lujan de Cuyo, the Agrelo district is considered one of the most important vineyard districts of Argentina, and particularly optimum for Malbec. It soars 3,346 feet above sea level. Outstanding natural conditions for the production of premium wines, with fine-grained sandy soil considered the best in the province. Warm days are offset by cool nights plunging by as much as 45°F - an extraordinary variance that enhances the richness of the wines’ aroma/flavour and deepens colour.
Very little rainfall, but no shortage of water thanks to the proximity of the Andes
The Vineyards - Old Vine Malbec
222 acres exclusively Old Vine Malbec (100 years old in 2010)
Exclusively from original, French clones
Yields of barely 1.5 tons per acre
At the base of the Aconcagua mountains, the highest peaks in the Americas
Grown with green methods in crisp, pollution-free air with irrigation fed by naturally pure, melted snow
The Winemaking - A French Influence
Consultant winemaker Bertrand Bourdil, with winemaker José Ponce
Exclusively Estate fruit

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