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Ramon Jane Penedès

Viticultor Ramon Jane creates forward thinking, soulfully gratifying wines that showcase the intuitive brilliance of his superb biodynamic fruit and push the boundaries of tradition in his native Penedès. Ramon is a viticultor, or winegrower, in the purest sense, tending his families vines with vision, wisdom, and care, shepherding them to their polished, delicious bottled state with restrained technique and patience.

In addition to Mas Candi (Ramon, his partner Mercè, and his best friend / oenologist Toni Carbo’s label), Ramon started bottling under his own name in 2019 for his most avant-garde projects.  Viticultor Ramon Jane opens the door to building a brand that demonstrates the truth of what’s been the case all along.  Mas Candi is Ramon and Toni’s visionary intellectual oeuvre, both defining and setting the bar for the best of postmodern Penedès.  Viticultor Ramon Jane is the soul of Ramon: contemplation, birdsong, observation.  They also both come together to make some of the most exciting new classics of Penedès.  They pushed the envelope in the mainstream, and now they push it in gloustream, together and separate.

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