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  • Black Label Grenache 2012

    Black Label Grenache 2012

    From old vine plantings dating back to 1948, the fruit is dry grown on a bed of brown loam over ancient sedimentary rocket our property in Greenock produce a style of grenache that is versatile for drinking all year round...

  • Murray Street Vineyards Benno Shiraz Mataro 2010

    Murray Street Vineyards Benno Shiraz Mataro 2010

    Winemaker Andrew Seppelt says “I became a big fan of blending Mataro in with Shiraz while working in France.  Mataro is a dark and brooding varietal and when blended with Shiraz produces a  ...

  • Murray Street Vineyards Eden Valley Riesling 2008

    Eden Valley is located within the Barossa zone of South Australia. Located at a latitude of 34 degrees south, it occupies the south-eastern half of the zone and with Barossa Valley forms one of the most qualitatively...

  • Murray Street Vineyards Red Label Shiraz 2009

    Murray Street Vineyards Red Label Shiraz 2009

    The classic Barossa style of Shiraz. Big, juicy fruit with a smooth finish, made with fruit from the Kalimna Hills, bursting with varietal flavours and aromas. Varietal Composition: 100% Shiraz Ageing 18 months in new and...

  • Murray Street Vineyards The Barossa 2008

    Murray Street Vineyards The Barossa 2008

    The Barossa Valley is our home. The abundance of sunshine in summer and icy cold winters, combined with ancient soils and a rich history of viticulture in the region make the Barossa the best place in the world to make...

  • Shiraz VP 500ml 2008

    Shiraz VP 500ml 2008

    This style of wine is one that our wine making team had to make. The Barossa has a history, rich with fortified wine making and the region is instrumental in the development of this style within Australia. A true labour of...

  • Teusner Albert Shiraz 2013

    Teusner Albert Shiraz 2013

    “Albert Shiraz is named after my Grandfather, Albert Alfred Teusner...a man I admired for his commitment and his persistence. Like previous vintages, Albert Shiraz is made from parcels of fruit sourced from a couple...

  • Teusner Avatar GMS 2013

    Teusner Avatar GMS 2013

    “Whilst Shiraz might be the poster boy for the Barossa, we believe blending it with Grenache and Mataro produces the best drinking wines from this region. Thanks to our good mates the Riebke brothers and other Barossa...

  • Teusner Dog Strangler 2013

    Teusner Dog Strangler 2013

    “In the wide and wonderful world of wine you’ll find around 60 or more synonyms for one of our favourite varieties – Mataro. There’s the well-known ones such as Mourvedre and Monastrell and lesser...

  • Teusner Joshua GMS 2015

    Teusner Joshua GMS 2015

    “For anyone who has ever met my business partner Mick Page and I, it would come as no surprise to learn that the idea for Teusner Wines was conceived at the pub over a few beers. Sitting at the bar, we’d been...

  • Teusner Riebke Shiraz 2016

    Teusner Riebke Shiraz 2016

    “The Riebke family grow outstanding quality fruit on old, low yielding Barossa Valley vines...something they’ve been doing for six generations. For their faith in what we do and their assistance in...

  • Teusner Salsa Rosé 2015

    Teusner Salsa Rosé 2015

    When it comes to lathering our bbq’d Linke’s bangers or flooding the tops of our Tanunda Bakery pies in the red stuff, we at Teusner take a big detour around the sweet sugary mass market stuff and go straight for...

  • Teusner The Gentleman Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

    Teusner The Gentleman Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

    Approximately 75% of this wine originates from David Forrest’s vineyard high up in the Eden Valley. At around 400 metres above sea level, one of the highest points in the Barossa region, this vineyard...

  • Teusner The Independent Shiraz Mataro 2014

    Teusner The Independent Shiraz Mataro 2014

    “I may well once have said that Barossa Shiraz could be a bit boring, which is fairly independent thinking coming from a Barossa winemaker. But every time I’m reminded of my words (seemingly sacrilegious ones...

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