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  • Acquavite di Castagne (Chestnut) 700ml

    Acquavite di Castagne (Chestnut) 700ml

    Alcoholic content: 38% Chestnuts: From near Valcamonica, cleaned and hot saccharified, inoculated with selected yeasts and fermented at controlled temperature. Colour: Deep yellow with amber highlights From the encounter...

  • Fratelli Gozio Grappa Amarone Barricata 500ml

    Fratelli Gozio Grappa Amarone Barricata 500ml

    This is a Grappa of great prestige with an intense yellow colour with amber highlights, obtained from Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, that are used in the famous Amarone wine of Valpolicella. It shows penetrating...

  • Fratelli Gozio Grappa Moscato d'Asti Barricata 500ml

    Fratelli Gozio Grappa Moscato d'Asti Barricata 500ml

    From a classic aromatic grape variety this is a distilled rich in flavours and aromas, enriched by the ageing in oak barrels. Sensory characteristics: fruity aromas characteristics of Muscat grapes. The refining in oak...

  • Fratelli Gozio Grappa Moscato d'Asti Bianca 500ml

    Fratelli Gozio Grappa Moscato d'Asti Bianca 500ml

    This grappa has the delicate floral aromas and elegant, dry and velvety flavours of the pomace from the Moscato grapes. Sensory characteristics: light straw yellow with an embracing and intense bouquet. The taste...

  • Gozio Amaretto 700ml

    Gozio Amaretto 700ml

    “A symbol of Italian quality” The method being used to produce Gozio amaretto doesn’t fall within the usual liqueur methodology.  It is a new production process based on a secret formula that has led...

  • Rivetto Grappa di Barolo

    Rivetto Grappa di Barolo

    Grappa di Barolo is grappa from the Piedmont wine region of north-western Italy, and is distilled from grape marc resulting from Barolo wine production. As the drink is distilled solely from leftover pips and skins, its...

  • San Leonardo Grappa (un-oaked) 500ml

    San Leonardo Grappa (un-oaked) 500ml

    The grappa from San Leonardo is produced from the fresh skins of the best Cabernet and Merlot grapes cultivated on the estate. After light pressing, this select marc is immediately processed and distilled by master distiller...

  • San Leonardo Grappa Stravecchia (oaked) 500ml

    San Leonardo Grappa Stravecchia (oaked) 500ml

    For the Grappa Stravecchia, the skins are carefully selected and similarly distilled by master distiller Bruno Franceschini according to the traditional method. The high-quality distillate is striking for its unique...

  • Single Malt Vodka

    Single Malt Vodka

    “Born to be single” Modern Vodka consumers keep away from traditional mass-produced brands towards interesting newcomers with character and body. Barley grain offers the finest quality of starch and the lowest...

  • Trabucchi d'Illasi Grappa di Amarone 500ml

    Trabucchi d'Illasi Grappa di Amarone 500ml

    Grappa made from the marc of the famous Amarone wine from this estate.  Aged in French oak barrels for a short period with an alcohol level of 42%.

  • Triduo Anesone 45% 700ml

    Triduo Anesone 45% 700ml

    Historic liquor made in the area of ​​Brescia, Italy. Prepared by a rich blend of herbs characterized by the unmistakable flavoUr of aniseed. It is usually consumed diluted with fresh water as a drink or added to coffee,...

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