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Mas Candi, Penedes

Mas Candi is situated in Les Gunyoles in Avinyonet del Penedès and was founded in 2006 by four young viticulture and enology students, who also gained valuable wine-making experience in Burgundy.

All wines originate from grapes picked in own vineyards, passed on by their forefathers. This small winery prides itself for its respect to nature and landscape, working with autoctonous varieties, having recovered some old catalan varieties that have almost disappeared. No chemical fertilizers, antifungal treatments or pesticides are used in the treatment of the vineyards. Vegetal waste is crushed and the leaves which have fallen during the winter together with the grass which grows in between the vines, create a natural compost. This ecological treatment reduces diseases, helping the vines grow more vigorously and resulting in smaller grapes with more concentrated aromas.

Our flagship Xarel·lo is an autoctonous grape perfectly adapted to the soil and the climate (it has been cultivated in the region since 1785), with old vines whose deep roots help the grapes obtain mineral characteristics  from the soil.

QX quatre xarel.los ( Four xarel.los) is a mono-varietal wine originates from vines as old as 54-60 years, from 4 different vineyards. Only the best grapes with the optimum level of ripeness are selected for this wine. All harvesting is by hand, deposited into 15 kg boxes which are then transported to the press. The grapes are de-stemmed and macerated for 24 hours in its skins. Finally the wine is fermented in four different types of barrels, French oak, American oak, Acacia and Chestnut wood. The wine then ages for 8 months in its lees, employing the battonage process once a week.

All the work in the winery is done manually, with careful handling of the grapes during the entire process. Mas Candi’s objective is to make high quality wines respecting the unique characteristics that come from the soil, the climate and our the varietals. Wines with a distinct character that can be enjoyed by everyone, disregarding the current market trends.

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