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Bodegas Godelia

Bodegas y Viñedos Godelia came about through the García Rodríguez family’s respect for nature and their enthusiasm for wine production. Descended from a long line of Galician farmers, they created a new agricultural concept by producing wine according to the old traditions, while using an integral and sustainable production process.

With ownership of over 35ha of old vine vineyards, the right technology and an excellent team of professionals, Godelia has reinvented itself to stand alongside the other bodegas in the region as a fine representative of the special character and spirit of El Bierzo.  In addition, Godelia lease 15ha of other old vine vineyards within the El Bierzo region.

The bodega lies in the district of Pieros. With its typical local architecture, the old style traditional farmhouse is in perfect harmony with its beautiful surroundings in a landscape which bears witness to the passage of countless pilgrims making their way to Santiago de Compostela.

The installations are functional and follow traditional techniques, which have been improved to ensure the utmost care for the production processes.

A little known, yet stunningly beautiful region, El Bierzo is a mountainous part of Spain set between Castilla León and Galicia. In ancient times famed for its gold mines, the soil is rich in minerals, with a continental climate and planted with innumerable old vine stocks, ideal for producing great wines.

The vineyards are among the most beautiful in the country. Many are planted in picturesque terraces on steep sloping hillsides. The result is a unique area of magnificent landscapes diverse soils and extraordinary terrain.

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