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Standard Wormwood Distillery


WORMWOOD (Artemesia Absinthium)

At the heart of all of our spirits you will find the influence of this elusive and largely misunderstood plant. Growing our own wormwood in upstate New York at our family farm has given us a deep appreciation for this herbaceous bitters, nearly lost to history. Traditionally used for its herbal bitterness in Absinthe, Vermouth, Amaro, Bitters and even beer, it underwent a hundred year ban for misleadingly being known as a hallucinogen. While it does give a subtle lucid wakeful feel and is unique among other spirits for this, the true history of why it was banned is wrapped up with a grape blight in the late 19th century, when French wine Barons sought to ban absinthe due to its rise in popularity while the wine industry was recovering.
Around a century after the original ban and a decade of home distilling in Bushwick we are bringing wormwood into modern spirits outside of the absinthe tradition. No anise or licorice is used, just the wormwood for its bitter profile and unique ability to modify the spirit, much like bitters in a cocktail, but all in the distilling process. Rounding the spirits out, creating layers of complexity from a range of deep chocolate notes to spicy herbaceous undertones, we are taking wormwood into a new chapter of its history.

  • Standard Wormwood Distillery Gin

    Standard Wormwood Distillery Gin

    Influenced heavily by the old Dutch style Gins that are distilled to give a unique sipping experience, we start from a rich whiskey base instead of a neutral spirit (Vodka) like most London and American Dry Gins. With fresh...

  • Standard Wormwood Distillery Agave

    Standard Wormwood Distillery Agave

    To be able to bring this spirit to life we brought up a whole Agave Horrida from Texas for this limited release to distill an Agave and local NY corn thin mash distilled with wormwood.  We use the whole Agave, hearts...

  • Standard Wormwood Distillery Rye

    Standard Wormwood Distillery Rye

    Distilled from a high rye thin mash with local NY grains and Wormwood before being stave aged with American and French oak at four char levels. We distill and age our Wormwood Rye to drink straight like a whiskey. We distill...

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