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The area of our activities is organic viticulture and winemaking. The company was the first in Georgia who received the first Bio Certificate in 2005. The wine cellar produces 5000 bottles of white dried natural wines per year. At this stage 100% wine produced in the wine cellar are exported. The vineyard is cultivated in Mtskheta village. Traditional and ecological methods are used in vineyards, grapes and wine making processes. The company produces wine from one of the best Georgian varieties of grapes in the Chinuri tradition. Our Vineyard 2 hectares of vineyards whose age is 60 years old is one of the best and historically known places on the Mukhran Valley. Wine is made from one of the best Georgian varieties of grapes, Chinuri.

  • Iago Chinuri 2018

    Iago Chinuri 2018

    An organic Georgian wine made from the grape variety Chinuri. To say this is a wine made in the traditional way might be an understatement. Matured in great clay jugs called qvevri, some 300yrs old, for 2yrs before bottling...

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