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Eclisse Liquirizia 500ml


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“An ancient Italian tradition”

This liqueur, taken straight from Nature, is made from liquorice root extract which grows in Calabria, and held by connoisseurs to be the best in the world. The masterly use of age old recipes has transformed it into a “new” liquor, an excellent digestive, also appraised as a thirst-quencher, refreshing drink or aperitif.

Liquorice is a plant which has been known and appreciated for thousands of years for its beneficial properties. It was used in Ancient Egypt and China for medicinal purposes and mention is made of it in Medical literature of Ancient Greece and the Middle East, even Buddha called it “Elixir of life which gives beauty”.

Over the centuries, up to our day and age, liquorice has always been considered as synonymous of well-being and pleasure. Eclisse is made using as main ingredient Glycyrrhiza Glabra extract, a plant which grows only in one particular area in Calabria. The techniques used to extract the essence and the concentration and drying processes adopted, make it an incomparable product, with its sweet well balanced flavour.

Eclisse is excellent after a meal, because its digestive, refreshing and anti-bad breath properties are exploited to the full, but it can be drunk during the day as well as an aperitif. It is a very versatile liquor, excellent for dressing ice-cream and enriching chocolate and orange mousse, and in particular for preparing long and thirst-quenching drinks. We recommend serving cold, better chilled.

Lemon sorbet with Eclisse liquorice liqueur:
Ingredients: 225 gr. sugar; 225 ml. water; 225 ml. filtered lemon juice; a lemon peel cut into thin strips, an egg white.
Preparation: Mix sugar and water until almost all the sugar is dissolved. Add lemon juice and peel. Let stand for one hour. Stir very gently with the whipped egg white. Pour into ice cream maker. Pour Eclisse liquore di liquirizia on the sorbet before serving, as a decoration.

Eclisse liquorice ice cream:
Ingredients: 50 ml Eclisse Liquore di Liquirizia, 300 gr. milk, 150 gr. sugar, 350 gr. cream.
Preparation: Melt the sugar in milk; put it in a pan and let it simmer stirring constantly and adding the liquorice liqueur. Let it cool, add the cream stirring trying to mix it and pour the mixture into ice cream maker for final preparation.

Cocktail: BLACK ICE
Eclisse Liquore di Liquirizia 40 cl., 3 ice cubes and shake

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